Saturday, March 9, 2013

Crazy with gadget

Here is where my bonus goes... Just bought the Nokia Lumia 920 along with its must have accessories, the Monster Nokia Purity earphone and Nokia Fatboy Wireless Charger !

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

It comes to an end

Everything that started finally must have an ending, this blog included.
I have fun these few years writing in this blog but right now I decided to stop writing due to other commitments (read work) and lack of interest.

This might be temporary or it might be permanent or perhaps I'm going to explore other type of writing.

Anyway I'll keep looking for random awesome thing and you guys will see me soon.

Thanks for the journey and thanks for reading. Goodbye and Happy New Year...


Saturday, September 1, 2012

la restauración falla de la técnica jesus

Bad Spanish aside, I hope y’all know about this story because it has been around the net for like weeks.

What was thought to be an act of vandalism was actually a legit attempt by a senior citizen to restore a 19th century of a fresco depicting Jesus with thorn crown. The 80 year old women tried to restore the painting as the paints has flaked, however she, as you should know failed miserably (see below)

Agence France-Presse — Getty Images via

The painting has now subjected to several internet parodies which can be seen in one of my favorite site

What do you think? Should we blame the lady or can we accept this as a modern art ?


Monday, August 27, 2012

McDonald's Dessert Disaster

I am a huge fan of fast food especially McDonald (or as people called it, McD). To be honest they are also responsible for my increasing waistline.

Recently, they had launched a new addition to their dessert division, the Kellogg's Corn Flakes Sundae and McFlurry, perfect companion to round up your favourite McDonald's meal !

Via Facebook (McDonald)
It looks yummy right? So I decided to try one which is the chocolate flavoured sundae. So, I was standing in front of the counter waiting for my order and of course I decided to watch the girl make the sundae. At first she made a normal chocolate sundae and I was excited to see how she's gonna add on the corn flakes. I was like, hopefully she's not gonna just pour the whole corn flakes to the sundae. I was expecting a chocolate sundae just like the one in the advertisement.

So you guys wanna see the end product. It's after the jump.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Watch Stacy’s Pelangi Senja

via You Tube

5 years had passed since Stacy has been crowned the winner of the now cancelled reality show/singing competition, Akademi Fantasia and it was amazing how she’s able to stay relevant unlike some of the past winners.

Anyway, her latest offering is a ballad called Pelangi Senja (directly translated to ‘Rainbow of the Sunset’, Dusk’s Rainbow… well, nobody cares). The song has an Agnes Monica-ish vibe, a singer Stacy got related to. It’s not as catchy as her dance number but the song sounds better if you watch the video.

Well, the video is shot in Semporna, which is a part of Sabah I haven’t got a chance to explore. The video got this beautiful sunset-ish view kinda like it has been Instagrame-d, so Instagram fans can relate to it. Besides that, it featured several beautiful dress which adds some luxurious value to this vid, last but not least, a shirtless model got to star in this which is a rare thing to see in Malaysia’s artist video.

So, if you’re a fan go watch this video and I’m assuming you are one or else why would you’ve been reading this whole post, right?

Go grab Stacy’s latest album called Stay-C (tacky title much?).

Fierceness Storm Alert; Asia’s Next Top Model is coming

via Yahoo Singapore

Get ready to smize cause Asia’s Next Top Model is coming to well, Asia !

This new show is a spin-off of my fave guilty pleasure – America’s Next Top Model. It will be featuring models from all around Asia including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand.

Show will be hosted by VJ Nadya Hugatulag (Nadya, who?). Anyway the show will be broadcasted all around Asia, probably Star World for us, Malaysians.

So who’s gonna take the title of the first ever Asia’s Next Top Model, find out soon, hopefully this show won’t be a fad unlike the US version which spans to 17 seasons despite decrease in ratings (or the fantasy version Yey’s Next Top Model courtesy of moi? Remember?)


Wanted: Asia’s Next Top Model

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Never wear a VERSACE clothes if you're going to VERSACE

Really? What kinda moron makes that kinda rule?

As you all might not know especially those living in Sabah Borneo. PADINI Warisan Square is closing down and having clearance sale and as usual it does not benefit me as most of their clothes doesn't come in my size.

Going back to the topic, last week I was planning to go shop at other PADINI store as they sell one of the best and affordable slacks with my friend.

Unfortunately I was unable to do that as my friend was wearing a PADINI sweatshirt. According to em the shirt was bought at the same store I was planning to go and it was bought on SALE which give more reason for him to be humiliated by the salesperson there (according to his theory).

Just like that I have to change my plan and shop at Dockers instead, gosh if only they got something in my size.

Anyway in a totally unrelated news, I've bought a new shirt from PADINI. It was RM129 (GASPS!!!). Don't worry it was on sale it wasn't like I have to sell my kidney to buy it.

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