Sunday, May 16, 2010

agnes monica tunjuk diva depan stacy af 6, my favorite star

boleh-boleh agnes monica tunjuk diva depan penyanyi kesayangan sabah (malaysia pun boleh juga) stacy angie anam !!! tidak boleh jadi nie!

benda nie berlaku selepas agnes monica buat konsert dekat malaysia, so wartawan terkenal zubir mohd yunus dari berita harian sedang buat coverage about this konsert. so we all sedia maklum kan yang stacy nie dibandingkan dengan agnes monica sebab konsep muzik diorang hampir sama and both of the pandai menari, so the idea of getting them in a photo together is brilliant.

however... agnes monica marah2 bila dibagitau ada wartawan mau buat interview sama dia. bila penganjur bagitau dia pasal interview tu dia terus mengganas and she said "you raised ur voice to me and my management!". then bila she was told yang she will be taking picture with a popular malaysian artiste she was like "who the hell is this girl anyway!!!?"

kebetulan stacy was there to see the whole scene, of course la malu la ba kan kena cakap macam tue, so stacy pun bergambar juga lah dengan agnes, tapi agnes was treating her like she was nobody, dia tarik and grab stacy's arms time bergambar, menurut stacy it was painful. then lepas 2-3 snap agnes monica walk away like a diva bitch that she is... sorry agnes, i love u and ur music but i hate that attitude...

"agnes got one special talent genuinely fake a smile and didn't stacy look taller in this picture"

stacy was interviewed recently bout that incident and she said she don't have a beef with agnes and will still adore her but she doesn't want to be a diva and want to stay down-to-earth... good for stacy. enjoy stacy's latest single below called - jahat. one word we can describe those divas...


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